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ChessAug 12, 4 years ago

41st World Chess Olympiad : Bangladesh beat Sri Lanka 3-1

Bangladesh chess team defeated Sri Lanka 3-1 in the ninth round of the ongoing World Chess Olympiad in Norway yesterday. The Bangladeshi team which included three Grand Masters (GM), was strong favourites to win the round, but, FIDE Master (FM) Prasa…

ChessAug 7, 4 years ago

Chamika Perera shines at chess Olympiad

Former Sri Lankan national champion, Chamika Perera beat the Venezuelan FIDE Master (FM), Andres Vargas during in the fifth round of the ongoing 41st Chess Olympiad in Norway on Wednesday. The old Trinitian played on board three defeated the FM who h…

ChessAug 6, 4 years ago

Sri Lanka dominates Malawi at Chess Olympiad

Sri Lanka men’s chess team beat Malawi 3-1 in the fourth round of ongoing 41st Chess Olympiad in Norway on Tuesday. Sri Lanka’s national champion, Isuru Alahakoon’s dream run in the tournament continued with another victory on board three, beat…

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