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Q & A Session with Dimuth Karunaratne & A Session with Dimuth Karunaratne

Q & A Session with Dimuth Karunaratne, National ODI and Test Captain
Q: Let’s start with the question of what are your thoughts on the Covid – 19 Virus, which has affected the entire globe, with the lives of people coming to an abrupt halt?
A: Well, it’s a pandemic! Life is such that you just never know and in a sense, so similar to sport. Be that as it may my philosophy is, manage what you can manage and others will manage what they ought to manage.

Q: As a professional cricketer, how hard is it to be out of the game for a long period, especially, when you don’t know, when the game will be commenced back?
A: The word and meaning of professional have to be in your DNA when you reach this level in sport and Cricket in particular. Hence, you have to learn to exist in good times and not so good times. But Covid – 19 has been unique and a game changer in many a way is my view. Therefore, tough as it and is sort of new normal.

Q: The game came to a halt, just right after we won an ODI series (3 – 0) against the West Indies at home. Coach Mickey Arthur credited it for ‘planning, role clarity and the belief, your thoughts on it?
A: Ah yeah, Mickey is a no nonsense cool bloke with loads of experience to back him and his brand. At the international level planning and role clarity is a norm. What is very important is the belief he has instilled among us in his own and subtle way. It sure helped and the results always speak for itself.

Q: You were the ODI and Test Captain, when Mickey and his team took in-charge of the
team, how do you see the going, so far?
A: Awesome! The boys and the respective squads are enjoying their Cricket and that makes my job that much easier. If you like what you are doing and the environment to do so is conducive, the balance at this level of sport becomes that much more beneficial. I think it’s pretty similar to life or managing a company.

Dimuth-Karunaratne - ODI..

Q: How did you manage the adjustment, both as a captain and a batsman when you were chosen to be in the 2019 Cricket World Cup squad, and was asked to lead the team?
A: One word! I kept it less complicated and very “Simple’’

Q: Until then, did you ever had a thought of playing a prolonged ODI career?
A: Absolutely ‘Yes,’ look at my One day statistics at all levels thus far?

Q: What plans, do you have on your ODI career, both as a captain and a player?
A: Rankings, Rankings and Rankings is the key word. I’d say Sri Lanka needs to be in the top four of not just ODI Cricket, but Test Cricket as well. That would indirectly mean semifinalists to say the least and you are perhaps two games away from the plum. There onwards, it’s any bodies guess and if you do well on your day you could end up being World Champs.

Q: You have nine test centuries under your belt and a healthy average of 36.78 and you must be aiming to enhance those statistics, before calling it a day, what will be a ‘realistic goal’?
A: Yes, I have nine centuries from 66 test matches, while many will argue that I should or could have converted some of the 24 half centuries I scored into centuries, thus increasing my overall tally of centuries. However, I am learning from each game. Test Cricket is super supreme and it’s certainly not a walk in the park! The stretched goal is 25 Centuries and a 50+ average.

Q: Can you recall some of the ‘Glorious Cricketing Moments’ of your career so far?
A: Who could or will ever forget your first Test Cap and your first Test Century and the ODI win vs England at the CWC19. The test series win in South Africa under my captaincy is also a significant memory and apart from those moments, you have some ‘Glorious Cricketing Moments’ in favor of brand DK123

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