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Veteran coach Yogananda Wijesundara felicitated

Veteran coach Yogananda Wijesundara felicitated

“Once I suggested to build an upper altitude training center for sports in Nuwaraeliya. Most of people are laughed at me. When we look back they did not laughed at me, but at themselves” senior athletic coach Yogananda Wijesundara stated during the felicitated ceremony of Yogananda Wijesundara which was organized by ‘Save the Sports’.

The felicitated ceremony on behalf of Yogananda Wijesundara was hold at the Auditorium of the National Olympic Committee, today to praise his 50 year service. Former Test Cricket Captain Arjuna Ranatunga, athletes, Sports officers and other dignitaries graced the occasion. Co-Managing Director of McLarance Group, Shehara Jayawardana gave away a cash prize to Yogananda Wijesundara. Minister Arjuna Ranatunga stated that Yogananda Wijesundara is an ideal character to everyone. He further added that people will rarely praise talented persons and current government is providing temporary solutions to sports.

“There are politicians who speak to sportsmen in a bad manner. Some of them are never touch a bat, but they thinks they can play. Some were blamed Susanthika too. People give mandate to elect politicians. Therefore people have the right of sportsmen. People have to give mandate to a proper politician to save sportsmen. It’s my political vision.

When choosing the national cricket team, how many of them are from the clubs of cricket administrators. Cricket is still degrading. Degradation of cricket will take some more time. If we win one match, we will think hathurusingha is a magician. But if we lose, hathurusingha also loses. We are only patching up the wound, but is doesn’t heel the wound. This can be in athletics, Rugger, Netball etc. Our government is providing temporary solutions to sports. I’m talking about the sports. As I think, during the last period of time athletes were defamed the most. I responsibly say it. We can stop this by working together. But we never can achieve this if we chase behind the privileges.” Minister Ranatunga added. Addressing the occasion Mr. Yoganandha Wijesundara stated that sports can’t be upgrade as long as removing the people who are living by it.

“There are two teams in sri Lankan sports who are living the sports and living by sports. The people who are living by sports are horrible. They don’t mind whether this is an Olympic medal winner or an Asian medal winner. They will earn by selling sports without considering it. This is not what we expect from sports administrations. All of us should be work together to upgrade sports. Being together and working together is different. There’s nothing we cannot do in the sports field. Who thought people will run 30 km per hour? Who thought people can jump 30 feet? Who thought people will jump high? Nothing happens. People can do this with knowledge and communication. Both of these are not matching in our country, now” Yogananda Wijesundara stated. He further stated that last year was a grieving year to him. “My eye sight is weak, but I don’t worry about it. I can hear well. From what I’m hearing I have an doubt that what’s happening to the sports. We have to work together to upgrade sports” Yogananda Wijesundara further stressed out.


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