Sep 30, 4 years ago

Amrith de Soysa takes golf classic

Amrith de Soysa takes golf classic

Sri Lankan golfer, Amrith de Soysa with 74 points and Qin Ami of Pakistan also with 74 points, earned the top honours at the finals of the 15th edition of the Sri Lankan Airlines Golf Classic concluded in Digana, Kandy yesterday.

Amrith had scored 74 points by Saturday, whilst behind him was compatriot Jessie Perera with 64 points.

Leading the Ladies Overall Group A, was Morley Pauline (UK) with 73 points and last year’s overall winner Qin Ami from Pakistan with 69 points. Both players were leading on the penultimate day and on the final day, topping the overall gross scores.

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