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Lotus Rally from November 20 to 22

Lotus Rally from November 20 to 22

“Lotus Rally” is once again being planned after a lapse of five years, by the Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC) and the Kandy Off Road Adventure Club (KORAC), on 21 and 22 November 2014.

The event categories are, cars upto 1000cc, upto 1400cc, upto 1600cc and over 1600cc, Trucks and Jeeps upto 3000cc, Trucks and Jeeps over 3000cc, Masters – Open, Bikes – Open and Ladies – open.

The Rally which will begin in Colombo, will consist of 3 stages, with the Colombo – Eheliyagoda stage being the first, while Eheliyagoda – Kurunegala will account for the second.

Stage 3 will see the competitors roam around the hill country from Kurunegala all the way to a grand finish in Kandy.

The CMSC which consists of 80 years of experience will team up with KORAC which is the only motor sports club in the hill country, to bring back to the TSD Rally enthusiasts a taste of rallying which will see competitors driving from sea level to picturesque hill country climbing over 5,000 ft above sea level.

The CMSC Lotus Rally was first conducted in 1958, and is currently the oldest recorded Rally in the country. Seen below is a picture of the rally being plotted by the committee who consisted of Gerald Ebell, George Phillips, Tissa Seneviratne and Nihal Canakeraratne.

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