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CISM Day on Feb 22

CISM Day on Feb 22

CISM Day on Feb 22

International Military Sport Council (CISM), one of the largest multidisciplinary organizations in the world. Founded on the 18th of February 1948, the International Military Sport Council (CISM) which has its General Secretariat located in Brussels under the management of the Secretary General, organizes various sporting events for the armed forces of 133 member’s countries, who may previously have met on the battle field, now would meet in friendship on the sports playing field. This is in accordance with the philosophy and the ideals which were set in CISM’s mission statement in 1998, signed by all the member countries. The ultimate goal of CISM is to contribute to world peace by uniting armed forces through sports.

Each year the CISM Day Run is observed around the world on 18 February to celebrate the founding of CISM and it gathers for one day, under the sport’s flag, the soldiers of the whole world. Throughout the years, thousands of people have been active on CISM Day Run in every member nation. Nowadays, CISM Day Run is the most important event already created to remind the CISM establishment date.

More than celebrating its birth, the CISM Day Run shows to the world the encapsulated values contained in the CISM motto “Friendship through Sport”. CISM has been promoting sport for peace since the beginning of its activities in 1948, bringing together soldiers from all continents for sharing friendship, respect, tolerance and mutual understanding through Sports. These values have always been the leading CISM force, as a tool for the development of friendly relations among its Armed Forces Member Nations.

This year, the CISM Day run is planned for Sunday the 22nd of February 2015 with the participation of the Tri Services Commanders, Commander of the Army Lieutenant General DayaRathnayake,Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Jayantha Perera and Commander of the Air Force and present President of the Defence Services Sports BoardAir MarshalKolithaGunatilleke. The run is expected to be flagged off opposite the Air Force Rifle Green Grounds, Colombo at 0615. Over one hundred personnel from each service, will participate in this year’s ‘CISM Day Run’ which will cover a distance of about 4 km.

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