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Oceanic Games develops sports in the heartland with ‘GamataKreeda’

Oceanic Games develops sports in the heartland with ‘GamataKreeda’

Pitching in as the principal sponsor, Oceanic Games, the managers of Mahapola Lotto, joined hands with the “GamataKreeda” initiative to promote sporting activities amongst youth in rural areas. A“GamataKreeda 25” coaching camp, which included workshops and training sessions covering 25 different sporting activities, was organized by Sirasa Sports 1stat the Walala A. Rathnayake Central College in Kandy recently.It offered a rare opportunity for the over 5,000 participant students from 80 schools around the island to get trained by 50 national level coaches.

“At Mahapola Lotto, we strongly believe that,as a nation, we are yet to fully realize the true potential of our youth. By generating additional funds for the Mahapola Trust Fund through our innovative lottery products, we strive to support the cause of higher education and nurture talented underprivileged youngsters. Going beyond our lottery operations, we are looking at partnering with any initiatives that help provide more funds for higher education” said Harshini Sirinanda, Corporate Communications Manager, Oceanic Games.

“We would like to extend our support to the realm of sports too where several gifted young stars fail to achieve great heights because of the lack of right training. Brining the best of coaches to their doorstep through this unique “GamataKreeda” initiative, we look forward to seeing them take on competition from around the world and do the nation proud” she added.

The 25 hour long event covered 25 sports ranging from Cricket, Football and Basketball to Boxing, Karate, and Judo to Chess, Gymnastics, and Archery with several stalwart coaches sharing insights on their respective sport. A road race and walking race were organized on the sidelines of the camp alongside informative sessions on sports medicine, sports personality development, skills development, positive thinking for sports and sports and the media. Oceanic Games also distributed schools bags amongst the students. The day drew to a close with song and dance around the camp fire.

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