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Sports and Physical Fitness Promotion Week from February 6th-10th

Sports and Physical Fitness Promotion Week from February 6th-10th

The Ministry of Sports conducted press conference yesterday(31st January) at the Duncan White Auditorium to declare the ‘Sports and Physical Fitness Promotion Week from February 6th to February 12th.

The rate of Sri Lankan school children engaged in sports is as low as 25% and when it comes to higher education the above percentage reaches low level of more than 8%. As a result of this 68% of deaths alone occur among persons below 65 years of age due to non-communicable diseases. The major factors that have contributed to this situation are wrong food habits, doping substances, smoking and inactivity. In this regard the Ministry of Sports hopes to implement a Sports and Physical Health Promotion Week from 25th to 30th January 2016 in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Health, Nutrition and indigenous medicine, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Highways, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Social Empowerment and Welfare, Ministry of Parliamentary Reforms and Media, Ministry of National Policy and Economic Affairs, Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training, Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade including all Ministries of Sports, Education, Health of Local government institutions in order to integrate the sport and physical Health among within the entire community. To achieve this task, a National Steering Committee too has been established consisting of Hon. Ministers and the Secretaries of relevant Ministries who will be directly taking part in this drive.

Objectives of the Programme

1. Engaging in physical exercises for health, popularizing sport in all sections of the society and enticing them towards sport and creating a sports culture within the country by integrating sports into the society.

2. Practical introduction of the subject of sport for a healthy life. Initiating continual programmes allows the country to achieve such objective.

3. Making use of the sport for National Development and identifying talented athletes, sportsperson professionals and individuals whose aptitudes can be improved and encourage them.

4. To add meaning to the themes “Sports for all”, “Sport for Peace” and “Sport for Health, happiness and success”

Implementing the programme

The Secretary to the President has already issued circulars and series of instructions to implement this programme throughout the island, with the concurrence of His Excellency the President. Accordingly, it is expected to create an energetic, enthusiastic and healthy nation within the adolescent, young, adult and senior social levels of the society by implementing this programme. Hereby, appropriate programmes are formulated by a local committee guided by National, Divisional and political leadership and Sports and Physical Health promotion programmes are operated among schools, Temples, work-sites, sports-clubs or various associations. During the course of these initiatives, the project can be integrated into the society by physical exercise programs, drill-shows, exhibition Games, awareness programmes, Walks and initating infrastructure project and Shramadana Campaigns.

Accordingly, February 6th is declared as the State and Corporation officials’ Sports and Physical Fitness Promotion Day, while February 7th is allocated for the Private Sector. February 8th is set to promote health and physical fitness for mothers and children, while February 9th is allocated for women, February 10th for adults and differently-able persons and February 11th for youth. The final day, February 12th will be regarded a Community Participation Day.

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