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President Trophy 2014 : Did Nimshan give Royal false hopes?

http://sportsinfo.lk/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/pathana.jpghttp://sportsinfo.lk/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/pathana.jpghttp://sportsinfo.lk/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/pathana.jpghttp://sportsinfo.lk/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/pathana.jpgPresident Trophy 2014 : Did Nimshan give Royal false hopes?

Or did others depend on him too much?

When I arrived at the gates it was already packed with fans from both the camps . Most fans from Blue & Gold purchased the grand stand tickets whilst Pathanians as a whole decided to act tactfully entering to the ground from all the other entrances . As match was about to start squads walked out , Royalists with a fancy music ‘Final Countdown’ and Pathanians with a loud cheer from their fans who camped all over the ground .


Isipathana fans added a bit of scare in to it with fireworks that they brought . Isipathana side stood up facing the Royal squad like giants , unlike the Royalists who brags about the history with the sport and the conditioning they receive with regards to their training , facilities , kits etc . They stood with their jerseys which were faded , some torn from the game-play which show their experience and exposure they got from the league matches . Some of the Royalists was seen shaken facing their beast-like opponents .


Referee Irshad Carder as we explained in our earlier insightful wrote up made few blunders in decision makings , sometimes would have been fair but received a loud booing from the Royal side of the fans . Pathanians made sure that they gave their best instead of complaining about any of the decisions .

Captain Nimshan Jayawardena was seen giving instructions in the entire squad running around the entire ground only to score some runs trying to patch up the damaged engine from stopping . It was evident that almost the entire team depended on him when it comes to match winning and scoring . He was seen running from his fullback position in the game-play to act as the fly-half when the backs were not aware of what actions to take . Was Nimshan another Messi who was hyped with publicity?

As the game went on to the end point both camps having their opportunity to lead the game at certain points Royal forwards show that they were not just depending on Nimshan as the rest of the squad when Royal flanker Shawkat Lahir who won the ball from one of the few line-outs won by Royal College scored the try which was not converted by Nimshan on this occasion .

Isipathana entire squads dominated the game though at times they did not maintain possession , their Number 08 Omalka Gunarathna performed exceptionally throughout the game scoring two tries and almost reaching for the hat-trick when he failed to score the try as he knocked the ball .

Isipathana wing three quarter Dilan Gallage completed a run worth admiring with artistry passing several Royal defenders to score a magical try which was as most of the times questioned by the Royal squad and booed by their fans . Chathura Dilshan Isipathana kick taker, who took the conversions play his part in most occasions for adding points in to the score board . One of the most important factors that turned the game around was creativity of Isipathana forwards who just not let backs do hard part from the work but also got involved in whenever they were required .

Their impressive record of the awarded line-outs was amazing and creative plays which were enjoyed by fans from both the camps . We took a while to release the celebratory news of Isipathana squad becoming the champions of all format but I think it was worth the wait to give them the recognition they deserved .

Once the final whistle went off all the Isipathana fans came running to the ground to celebrate their squad’s tremendous victory which I think was too hard to all Royal fans and players .



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