By Ranudi Udanethmee

Every game starts with a command and we bring a result.

We win. We loose. We smile. We cry.

‘Open your eyes and look around. Change is hard but every end is a new beginning. So, start everything from the beginning with a command for yourself’

At a game we might win or lose. We must go for a win but after the results pop, be happy and start practicing to be better more than the last.

Three of the women ran for something. That’s how the story begins.

Elaine Thompson-Herah, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Shericka Jackson.

These three women ran for their country. Jamaica. Nevertheless, brought the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Its a great victory for the Jamaicans. For years and years, trying to be better ended up being the best.

Starting from the Olympics, these three Jamaicans paved their way to the finals. Happy. Simply wow.

The game started. Fraser-Pryce at the lead. Herah neck to neck with Pryce. Its getting tough. Who will win the gold? Pryce or Herah? Its Herah!!! Shelly and Shericka 2nd and 3rd respectively. This was what happened at the 2020 Tokyo.

Herah finished with 10.61 setting a new Olympic record. Shelly with 10.74 and Shericka with a 10.76 running into a new personal best.

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Think. These three winners are from the same country. How proud could they be? That’s really nice to bring all three medals for one country.

Olympics didn’t stop them. Couldn’t stop them winning. Diamond League is an annual track and field events series.

Herah won the race with 10.54 being the second fastest women in 100m history at the Diamond League in Eugene. At this race too, Shelly and Shericka with 10.73 and 10.76 respectively.

🏅 Elaine Thompson-Herah 🇯🇲 (10.61)
🥈 Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 🇯🇲 (10.74)
🥉 Shericka Jackson (10.76) 🇯🇲 PB


What a great victory again? What about another victory for these three? Will it be the same?

At Diamond League in Lausanne, Herah, Pryce and Jackson competed in 100m again. When the command was given, Pryce at the lead, Herah and Shericka respectively. Herah couldn’t get the gold, Pryce won the race. Fraser-Pryce won the race being the third fastest women in 100m history.

Tokyo, Eugene and Lausanne.1-2-3 again.

Fraser-Pryce being an athlete, mother is unbelievable. She is still competitive and has stated that she hasn’t run her best race yet and has more to do.

Herah shared her thoughts about the race at Switzerland as she didn’t cross the line in front nevertheless never a loss is always a lesson. Her thought will be a motivation for any athlete.

“Recognise your mistake in the past. Look at why it happened and keep the wisdom. Let thee mistake go and look forward to a new future.” Shericka shared at her Instagram account.

We all can make mistakes but try to find them. Make that into a right thing. Learn. Try. Win.

Proceed to new beginning with a fresh body and mind. Then you will succeed.

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