Sri Lanka’s premier sporting promoter, Thilan Rangana, Chairman of SPORTSINFO, has been chosen and invited to represent Sri Lanka at the Laureus World Sports Awards nominations panel for the sixth consecutive year which is held in February every year.

The Laureus World Sports Awards is held annually, celebrating the most remarkable men and women from the world of sport along with their achievements from the previous calendar year.

Rangana’s expertise in the field of sports media will allow Laureus Awards to create a truly global shortlist, recognising the sporting achievements of 2021.

To find the winners of the Laureus World Sports Awards a Nominations Panel of the world’s leading sports editors, writers and broadcasters vote to create a shortlist of six nominations in five categories – Laureus World Sportsman of the Year, Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year, Laureus World Team of the Year, Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year and Laureus World Comeback of the Year.

Members of the Laureus World Sports Academy then vote by secret ballot to select the final Award winners. The Academy also has the power to present Discretionary Awards such as Lifetime Achievement, Spirit of Sport and Exceptional Achievement.

Since its inception in 2000, the annual Awards Ceremony celebrates the most remarkable men and women from the world of sport along with the greatest achievements fans have admired throughout the year.

The Laureus movement had a memorable beginning, with a speech from Nelson Mandela, who was named the Laureus Patron that caused the creation of the Laureus Sport for Good.

Laureus Sport for Good uses the power of sport to end violence, discrimination and disadvantage, proving that sport can change the world.

Sport for Good now supports over 100 projects in 35 countries including Sri Lanka around the world.

SPORTSINFO is the No. 1 presidential awards winning sports promotion company in Sri Lanka started in 2014 launching the sports news web;

In 2015 under the guidance of Rangana, it organized and hosted the ‘SILK Sports Awards’ as an annual event which was an ambitious step to further validate the value of contribution of the people of Sri Lanka to the field of sports in many ways. It was hosted for the first time in the history of sports in Sri Lanka. The SILK Sports Awards is an annual national sporting event that pays tribute to the contribution to sports by the people throughout the present and past years.

Rangana’s visionary thinking also would have helped to implement the extraordinary concept of ‘SPORTEX – Sri Lanka’s First National Sports Exhibition in 2015 that has become one of the best sports brands in Sri Lanka.

SPORTSINFO was selected as the runner-up under the category of ‘Most Outstanding Sports Promoter and Sponsor of the Year’ at the Presidential Sports Awards 2015.

SPORTSINFO was awarded the ‘Most Outstanding Sports Promoter and Sponsor of the Year – Bronze Award’ and the ‘Most Outstanding Sports Electronic Production of the Year – Runner-up’ at the Presidential Sports Awards 2016 in recognition of Sporting Excellence, Achievements and in Appreciation of Dedicated Service and Determined Commitments.

Amid such notable feats to his credit, Rangana stepped up to launch ‘The Cricket Inspiration Gamini Dissanayake Lecture’ in May 2018. It is aimed to boost the mindset of emerging cricketers in Sri Lanka and promote the sport to greater heights.

He continued his contribution to promote sports in Sri Lanka by introducing Sri Lanka’s first ever international sports film festival in February 2019.

In January 2019, he managed to register the institute of Sports Management (IOSM) which targets to offer professional qualification in sports management and administration.

In March 2020 his futuristic thinking launched SPORTSTEL – Sri Lanka’s first dedicated YouTube channel for sports which is becoming the most famous sports events channel in Sri Lanka.

To showcase his compassion towards the local community, Rangana formed the SILK Sports for Children Foundation in 2016. It is totally committed to improve the quality of the lives of children of all ages that fall below the poverty level by equipping them with sports and education facilities.

SILK Foundation could boast of inspirational sporting figures who have championed the cause in their respective spheres and are spearheading the numerous campaigns launched to raise awareness among the needy and the struggles faced by these children living in poverty.

Rangana will represent Sri Lanka as an authoritative delegate for the sixth consecutive year in the independent panel and provide Laureus with the credibility and prestige which has made the Awards the premier global sporting honour.

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